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Saleem, Q.- ul-A. ., Shakoor, A., & Hassan, S. (2021). FORMAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS OF HEC FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF EDUCATION SECTOR. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 60(1), 165–188.


We are living in an era of development and innovation through research and learning. The nation that has achieved its development goals, has done through education reforms and a keen focus on strengthening its National Innovation System.  In Pakistan, this role has fallen to the Higher Education Commission, commonly known as HEC. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has attempted various activities for ceaseless improvement of the nature of advanced education as per the worldwide norms and to patch up post-auxiliary instruction to improve the instructive guidelines at the alumni level. Public Academy for Higher Education has been built up with the mean to plan and convey nonexclusive and need-based limit building and preparing programs in instructing and exploration for personnel just as a spotlight on scholastic administration and authority for the workforce and the board. Education Testing Council (ETC) has additionally been modified to normalize passage tests for the universities of Pakistan. The study focuses on the different programs run by HEC to develop the country’s formal learning program and education sector. Since its commencement, we investigate various projects created by HEC to encourage Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and build up a superior staff for this reason.


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