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Bhand, N. A., Iqbal, T., & Ali Bhand, L. (2020). THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF PROTECTION OF LABOUR RIGHTS AND EIGHTEENTH AMENDMENT: KNOWING THE RIGHTS AFTER DEVOLUTION POWER. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 59(2), 59–75. Retrieved from


The constitution of Pakistan contains wide range of provisions for the protection of labour rights. Pakistan has been bestowed with 70 labour laws along with 90 rules and regulations thereunder. In spite of these labour laws along with rules and regulations, labour force is facing multifarious challenges that posit direct threat to their legal recognised rights. In this regard this study was carried out to study the main hurdles that labour rights encountered in historical perspective. Moreover, in the wake of devolution plan through 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan, what problems in respect of enforceability and legality have arisen? Labour laws promulgated in various Pakistani regimes have been discussed to figure out what really prevented successive governments to ensure minimum protection to labour strata of the nations. The article concludes with some recommendation that are sin-qua-non in current globalization where rights have emerged as the most sacred instruments in the hands of weaker portion of a society.



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