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Sultan, S., & Rehman, B. (2011). ROLE OF COMMUNITY IN PROVIDING SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGHTS TO EARLY ADOLESCENTS. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 50(1), 251–260. Retrieved from


The present global scenario signifies girls and women as more disadvantaged group especially in the case of developing countries were reproductive health problems are acute for adolescent girls. Early marriages; pregnancy related
problems and sexually transmitted Infections including HIV makes adolescent girls more vulnerable. Conditions prevailing in Pakistan are not very different from other developing nations. It is crucial to invest in female adolescents at the stage of early adolescence when the average age of marriage is only 19 in Pakistan. Therefore it is important to learn about adolescent girls’ health status and their readiness to take on adult roles and responsibilities and the support
which they are receiving from their families, communities and governments. This research is to assess the role of community stakeholders in providing Sexual Reproductive Health Rights to early adolescent girls as this will determine their own future and the future of their countries. A cross sectional study was conducted in 18 public schools of Karachi and 384 adolescent girls were interviewed using structured questionnaire. A significant association was observed between community role and access to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of adolescents. Only 40% girls were found receiving some help by community other than their family whereas knowledge about pubertal changes during the time of adolescence found 11%. Level of awareness about Sexual and Reproductive health was found to be very meager in study. The study reveals that adolescents source of information regarding adolescence issues depend 60% on their family, however access to health in case of problems and complication during menstruation has been found to be only 2%. The study has revealed that adolescent girls are deprived the right to information about health specially matters to puberty which leads to many problems and complicationsabout reproductive and general health. Study reveals less participation of community and depicts significant need for consideration and consistent community based intervention in providing sexual reproductive health rights to early adolescent’s girls.

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