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Shah, A. (2011). CONCEPTION OF TIME AND BEING IN THE TRANSCENDENT PHILOSOPHY OF MULLA SADRA. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 50(1), 131–148. Retrieved from


Concept of time has been intriguing in the circle of the intellect; it has been observed that time remains worth being questioned like Being of beings is questioned by philosophers. However, this forgetfulness of the questions of either time or Being has not only been detected by Heidegger, but more closely by Sadrudin Shirazi in Persia. The only difference lies between them is either Being concealed or discovered as Transcendence or something more than this God is a simple and pure Being in the Transcendent Theosophy of Mulla Sadra. For Heidegger, such Transcendence is not some extra-terrestrial power; rather it is Being of beings in the world always and already there. Heidegger and Sadra both equally strive for the novel conception of time with reference to the Being of beings. They confronted manifold troubles in their theorizations on the Conception of being of Time and Being of beings. Following this realm of reasoning, in this article we would critically and closely look into major trends of philosophical existentialism in the critical perspective of time. The reality of time and Being of beings is concerned with idea of motion either substantial or non-substantial, because all change is reversed to motion as the processor or time constituent intermediary between what is and what is not or nothingness. However, this conception of nothingness should not be construed as any kind of nihilism or in the least thing like that. Indeed philosophical existentialism is a colossal deterrent to nihilism; therefore nihilism would remain no challenge due to existentiality of Is-ness. This existentiality of Is-ness is a full manifest
of whatever exists either in time or beyond the quantification of motion. However, time presumes significance and preponderance of motion. For such an idea it is believed that all change perpetua tes continuity and flow of bits of moments within substantiality of Is-ness of (whatever) is. Realizing the reality of time with reference to Being of beings requires some intermediary substance which could regulate all spheres of Is-ness and that of nothingness as well. In the same realm of thinking, Substance not only is a regulator of motion but at the same time it is a primordial principle of all motion permeating through and through substance itself. Therefore, all motion is substantially actualized. However, this substantial motion is the primordial benchmark of all
diversity, identity and intensity of Is-ness towards nothingness of what it is in the constant flow of becoming. In this article we would critically investigate the basic problems such as time via substantial motion, Being (principiality of Being), Dasien as being there (antic and ontological), simple existence, plurality (monism and pluralism), identity and difference. Furthermore, we would like to analyze the doctrine of Being by Mulla Sadra in the perspective of Theology.

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