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Anjum Parvez, A., & Muhammad Abuzar, M. (2011). POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN IN BALOCHISTAN. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 50(1), 83–94. Retrieved from https://www.jsshuok.com/oj/index.php/jssh/article/view/303


The word women empowerment carries different meanings for different people and it is important to view its meanings in relation to social, cultural, political, ideological and geographical scenario of an area. Hence this paper defines women empowerment as women not only present in decision making position but also participating in the society in equal status with their male counterparts.
As far as the political empowerment and related information is concerned, the problem faced in this regard are, the unavailability of complete and valid data and the hesitation of concerned authorities to provide relevant information as women related issues have never been the priority of the provincial government. In order to fill this gap, this study was conducted to solicit the perceptions of experts regarding the implementation of policies focusing on political empowerment of women in Balochistan. The perceptions of the experts from relevant field helped in finding out the gaps present in the formulation and implementation of these policies. The data for this purpose was based on closed ended questionnaire, in which a 6 point scale was developed to gauge the perception of the experts and their responses were evaluated with the help of
Binomial test and Two way analysis of variance. The major conclusion was that the implementation of the policies regarding political empowerment of women in Balochistan is perceived to be highly unacceptable.

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