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One should not be showing abhorrence to criminals, but rather be showing hatred to their felonies. The statement may appear to be uncomplicated but within itself possess exceptionally deep rooted meaning and magnitude. It may help in reducing crime from the society and reshaping the outlook of the social order, but it requires clarity of understanding about crime and issues related to it. The evolution of mankind has seen effect of crimes and the methods with which it should be handled to have a positive effect on the society. Crime is a reality and cannot be ignored but require effective indulgence into understanding the crimes. It is also important to evaluate the reasons and consequences of such instances so as to trim down and over power them to bring harmony and opulence within the masses. Crime has generally been regarded as a sinful and aberrant behaviour, which reflects immoral, anti social and unethical act diluting the society unconstructively. It should be seen as something coming out of a range of sociological, economical or inbred persuasion and wiles on human attitudes and behaviour. In short, one has to be very critical and decisive in exploring the psychology and behaviour of criminals in order to question the reasons behind any crime. The notion of felony requires an extensive spectrum in order to examine it properly, however
the study has just tried to emphasize on analysis of the key factors regarding crime. The research has targeted the issue mainly with the objective to scrutinize the crimes, especially white collar crimes from psychological aspect. The study has also strived to probe into the reasons behind the criminal’s behavior and identifying the psychosomatic areas in order to provide a direction to work so as to brought about constructive transformation within the society.

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