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Nabeel Ahmad, N., & Sumbul Khalid, S. (2011). SLEEP DISORDER: A FACTOR TOWARDS DEPRESSION AMONG CHILDREN. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 50(2), 159–168. Retrieved from


Traditionally depression was not considered as a problem of children. Views on adolescent depression have changed significantly even since the 1970's where childhood depression was thought to be masked by other conditions. Today, childhood depression is widely recognized and health professionals as a serious condition effecting both adolescents and young children. There are several different types of sleep disorders that affect youth; each disorder can have a significant impact on daytime functioning and development, including learning, growth, behavior, and emotion regulation. Recently researchers have started to uncover the interaction between sleep and psychiatric disorders in children, including depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism. The interplay of sleep disturbance among children with psychiatric disorders has not
been studied comprehensively; it is noticeable that children with significant emotional and behavioral problems are more likely to experience sleep difficulties. The present research is focused to understand sleeping patterns of children. Sample, in the present study consist of 115 children selected from schools in Karachi. Results have revealed various personality problems found in the sample. Correlations have also been made with selected sub categories of depression variable with sleeping disorder, which have also shown positive association.

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