Comparison between SAARC and NAFTA

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The recent theories of growthhighlighted the relation between economic integration and growth adding the technology factor. Economic integration brings new opportunities for economies by providing door of entrance to worldwide pool of technology. The objective of the study is to examine economic integration among seven SAARC member countries including Pakistan, India,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan in comparison with three NAFTA countries USA, Canada and Mexico; rather this research is an attempt to combine the existing theory and techniques to get the most on SAARC and NAFTA countries prospects and their limitations. NAFTA countries are discussed in this research as a model to follow by SAARC nations. The main focus of the research is to analyze the structure and relationship of SAARC countries using the data from published sources. The emphasis is more exploratory than diagnostic and; therefore, the results are stated so as to let the reader derive his own conclusions, however essential information of the result is provided.

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