Representation of Women In Soap Operas

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Rafia Taj, R. (2020). Representation of Women In Soap Operas. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 49(1), 69–75.
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Indian soap operas are a very popular form of entertainment amongst Pakistani women. The writer was drawn toward this topic as she wanted to study how the different aspects of these soap opera affect the socialization and identity formation of Pakistani women. The following article will discuss the origin of soap operas. It will also define soap operas and clarify the difference between soap operas and drama series as these two genres are often confused with one another. Moreover it will comment upon the relationship between the soaps and their main audience through the soap opera-housewife association *Furthermore, it would also elucidate how soaps contribute towards promoting the female stereotypical image. The structure of soap operas will also be discussed. The article will progress by shedding light upon the feminist position on soap operas and a defense in favor of soap operas will also be presented. On a more general note the article will illuminate through reflective pragmatism how soaps affect the culture and behavioral patterns of their devoted female audience in the Indo-Pak region.
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