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Sadiq Ali Khan, S., & Ahmed Qadri, M. (2012). APPLICATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN SOCIAL SCIENCES. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 51(1), 31–41. Retrieved from


Last few decades of 19th century has witnessed enormous growth in computer application in every field of life and today either its engineering or social sciences concepts of research and development is incomplete without application of this digital machine. In social sciences many problems of research involve data modeling, information retrieval and advanced
sophisticated analysis techniques. Computational social science is an embryonic field and foundation of new hypothetical and practical novelty for social science more generally. The question is whether the social sciences persons adopt the technology in the right path or not? How the computers fulfill the demand of the researcher in the social sciences domain. Has the computer fundamentally changed the social sciences? Present study was conducted to see the usage of information technology specially the computers in the field of Mass
Communication. How ICT has helped in technological development of communication. This paper will further comment on how information technology and mass communication complement each other. In this contemporary and world of these days, to remain without the knowing of ICT is like having a pen with you but without the knowing of what to do with it. The purpose of this research is to discuss the value of ICT in huge interaction.

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