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Abdul Ghafoor Baloch, G., Ismail Musa, I., & Rehman Yousuf, A. R. (2012). IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN ISLAMIC SOCIETY. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 51(2), 117–122. Retrieved from


Concept of Human Rights is basic element of Islamic society which has elaborated the concept of human dignity. This is essentially an Islamic concept which has elaborated human rights in great detail and with great stress, Our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was the first person to clearly and categorically mention human rights in his speeches and deeds. For example: The sanctity of human life, The sanctity of human property, The sanctity of human dignity and selfrespect, The sanctity personal freedom, And respect of one's religion and believes whatever they may be and quality of every person poor or rich, high or low, white or black Arabic or Persian in front of law. In this very context we can quote many Hadith of our Holy Prophet which emphasized the importance of equality and justice, love among fellow Muslims. (Akhuwat) and respect of each other’s life, property and dignity, personal freedom as basic elements of Islamic society.

According to some scholars of Fiqah, faith can be explained in light of following four Hadiths of Holy Prophet.
(i) Our Intention (Niyyat) is basic to our actions.
(ii) No Muslim's faith can be perfected unless he likes for his fellow Muslim brothers, what he likes for himself.
(iii) A rich Muslim should share his blessings with his poor brothers as Allah has given him their share.
(iv) The produce of a farm should be dispersed among deserving laborers as soon as it is completed.

Our religion has elaborated Human Rights in every situation. But conjugal rights and parent’s obedience and rights have been mentioned in special detail.

In short we can say that Islam has defined and elaborated Human Rights in such clarity and detail that no other religion can compete with it.

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