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Obaid Ahmed, O., & Altaf Hassan, A. (2012). THE ROLE OF SAHABIAT (LADY COMPANIONS) IN PREACHING OF ISLAM. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 51(2). Retrieved from


The role of man and woman in the establishment and development of a society is very important. however the role of a woman is more important than that of a man because she occupies a fundamental status in the development of human being .Thus if a woman recognizes her status and plays her role in a society then it not only developed a true picture of life but also enhance its social and cultural beauty too. When the Holy prophet (pbuh) set the foundation stone of an Islamic society then all Sahabiat (lady companions) played their remarkable role. They not only embraced his message and practiced in their lives but also
played a great role in its preaching and propagation, in spite of all hurdles, they determined their role. Prophet's(pbuh)process of preaching was vast in its scope including , religion preaching ,encouragement for virtue a nd discouragement for vice, self-criticism, propagation of knowledge ,memorization of the Quran ,narrating the sayings of the prophet, religious verdict, migration and jihad, sacrifice ,submission and love of the prophet(pbuh)and loyalty. The role of Sahabiat (lady companions) is obviously remarkable .The role of lady
companions in the process of preaching Islam is described in the following lines Holy Prophet (pbuh) when started preaching of Human being Sahabiat (Lady companions) from the beginning rendered their services for preaching Islam, they not only held the message of Holy Prophet (pbuh) in their heart and mind but also practiced in their lives, in spite of problems they determined their responsibility for propagation of Islam and its preaching.

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